The Future is Conversational

Are you ready to embrace it?

About Us

Conversation is at the heart of human interactions. With the rise of AI and powerful new algorithms, we are on the brink of a new revolution. We believe that machines will be ubiquitous in our society and that interacting with them will be as common as interacting with humans. At Impulsion Labs, our goal is to create artificial intelligence that is almost indistinguishable from makind itself.

Conversational AI for video games

What about games where the player can have a conversation with non-player characters? Ask them about the quest, or just order to follow us.
The next disruption in the video game industry is about to happen. With recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, the generation of dialogues in real time is now possible.
Now gamers can play and have a unique video game experience.

Conversational AI for eCommerce and CRM

The sales process is not a one-way interaction with your customers, but an exchange to understand their needs and provide them with the best solution.
Are your customers really using your website chatbot? Does it help increase your conversion rate by providing the right information at the right time?
With the new generation of Artificial Intelligence, conversational agents can now automatically process information, understand the context during a dialogue, and deliver the right information or perform the right actions, to provide an experience almost indistinguishable from real human interaction.

Conversational AI for the Industry 4.0

Customers now want same day delivery. Supply and manufacturing chains are complex systems that you can optimize to meet customer demand with the right tools.
Imagine a warehouse, orchestrated like a maestro at the head of his orchestra, where a central system passes orders to agents and receives agent feedback, using the most natural way to communicate.
We offer artificial intelligence solutions to companies wishing to optimize their operations, and make conversation the heart of interactions in their warehouse.